Top 15 Money Pigs Websites in 2024

Money Pigs Websites

The people who use money pigs websites are a particular type of submissive person in the community of financial dominance (findom). They enjoy giving money to dominant people, usually called “findommes.”

These sites highlight a power dynamic important to the findom fetish by facilitating the voluntary exchange of money, gifts, and even services. Findommes offers various contact levels on money pig profiles, from one-time payments to long-term financial agreements.

Potential money pigs can choose a findomme that suits their interests and budget by perusing their profiles, which typically contain testimonials, desires, and tributes. The sites use encryption and secret billing systems to keep user information private and secure.

What is Money Pigs?

Within the context of fetish groups and BDSM, a money pig is someone who derives pleasure or satisfaction from participating in financial dominance or submission. A person who voluntarily submits and shows loyalty to a dominant through money, gifts, or other financial help is known as a money pig.

They can show they are willing to respect authority by giving money or gifts. Giving money to their dominant partner so they can use it for different things. Here, you can find a money pigs websites that provide a dynamic feeling of pleasure, arousal, or fulfillment.

See the Quick List of Money Pigs Websites (Must Try)

Here are some top money pigs sites which you can try to find real money pigs.

1. Private Sugar Club

2. SugarDaddyMeet

3. SugarDaddy

4. SecretBenefits

5. MillionaireLove

6. LuxuryDate

7. OurSecret

Let’s review the next 15+ money pigs websites in detail. All these paypig websites are reputable and genuine.

15 Best Money Pigs Websites in 2024 (Verified List)

Choosing the correct platform is essential for anyone seeking an authentic experience with this unique side of BDSM society.

Try these money pigs sites  – 1. SugarDaddyMeet, 2. AdultFriendFinder, 3. LoyalFans, 4. Private Sugar Club, 5. PlayWithMe, 6. Secret Benefits, 7. Ashley Madison, 8. BDSMdatingonly, 9. Seeking, 10. IWantClips, 11., 12. ManyVids, 13. What’s Your Price, 14. OnlyFans, 15. FanCentro and so on.

It is all about bonding, safety, authenticity, and happiness. Here are the 15 best money pigs websites for finding a money pig.



With a vast and dedicated user base, SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best money pigs websites. If you’re looking for financial dommes and money pigs, this popular platform has plenty of them. It’s important to note that the platform does more than just help sugar daddies and babies meet and date discreetly.

It also lets users build deeper relationships with wealthy people who like BDSM roleplay. There are a lot of rich, kind men with different sexual fetishes in this group. SugarDaddyMeet places a high priority on safety by conducting exhaustive background checks on every member.

A “Verified Daddy” label is given to a guy after verification, which increases his visibility and provides findommes with a comprehensive and trustworthy selection. Since there is no cost to join SugarDaddyMeet, it is a great place to build your potential money-pig network. Consider making a profile here to increase your chance of finding a money pig.



One of the most popular money pigs websites for adults is called AdultFriendFinder. People with a broad variety of tastes and desires, including kinks, are the target audience. A wide variety of sexual topics, including fetishes, BDSM, threesomes, swinging, booty calls, and one-night stands, are covered in the site’s forums.


You can meet other people on AdultFriendFinder who are into a financial dominance fetish. The people who use AdultFriendFinder are friendly, approachable, and always up for a discussion. With over 80 million users worldwide, it is a fantastic forum for discovering people interested in financial dominance or money pigs.

Update your profile and start messaging, browsing profiles, sending virtual gifts like others, utilizing webcam chat, joining group forums, and watching live streams to find possible mates.



LoyalFans is a subscription-based platform that allows creators to share unique material with their dedicated money pigs. Due to its newness, it is more artist-focused than other subscription services. With LoyalFans, producers on findomme can provide their subscribers with a wide range of content, including live streams, photographs, and videos, much like on other money pigs websites.

Supporters can access different content levels, and creators can choose their subscription pricing. LoyalFans differs from other platforms because it is more creator-friendly and takes a minor cut of their earnings. It also offers features like direct communication with fans and selling physical things.


Private Sugar Club

Private Sugar Club is the place for you if you’re looking for a place to meet and satisfy money pigs. People looking for sugar babies and daddies can meet on this money pig website. The platform is trustworthy and easy for new models and money pigs who find their perfect partners.

The best part about Private Sugar Club is that anyone can join for free! Creating a friendly space for those seeking mutually beneficial connections is crucial. A subscription is required to access the premium features of this website.



PlayWithMe is another one of the best money pigs websites. It provides users unrestricted access to models matching their tastes, orientation, and location. Using keywords, users may quickly find models, and they even have the option to broadcast themselves. Users may modify their search results by entering criteria such as age, body type, ethnicity, kinks, hair color, orientation, gender, and professional specialization.

Many cam girls on the site are open for video chats. If you’re a man looking to worship a beautiful findomme, all you have to do is click on her profile to access her room and see all her details. Instead, if you’re a female interested in becoming a financial dominatrix, you can join their cam site, engage with your viewers, or refer cam models and earn 10% of their profits.


Secret Benefits

Individuals interested in achieving financial dominance can connect with those who enjoy being financially submissive through Secret Benefits, one of the unique money pigs websites. You can find a money pig after you have created an account.


Secret Benefits’ encrypted messaging system allows users to begin speaking and getting to know one another after they’ve found someone. Using SecretBenefits, influential people can discreetly investigate money pigs and financial partnerships that could benefit both parties.

It is essential to remember that Secret Benefits prioritizes privacy and safety. They take precautions to check profiles and confirm the authenticity of all contacts. In addition, they offer advice on how to use their site to find a money pig.


Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a dating service that is gaining popularity for pairing people who are searching for extramarital fun since it is now catering to a broad spectrum of people, including couples, singles, and people who are interested in fetishes such as BDSM and findom.

If you’re looking for love, you’ll be happy to hear that many male members have plenty of cash because they pay for their membership. Additionally, the site prioritizes anonymity, allowing members to remain anonymous so they can participate in their fetish without fear of penalties. As a result, the site has attracted a more significant number of money pigs.



If you’re interested in meeting people and exploring the world of BDSM relationships, BDSMdatingonly is one of the best money pigs websites. Members may easily navigate and communicate with others on the website because of its user-friendly UI. 


Members of the BDSM community can express themselves after registering by making a profile that details their hobbies, personal preferences, and boundaries. The site’s algorithm uses this data to pair users with others who have similar interests and goals.

Depending on your region, age range, kinks, and other preferences, you may use the site’s search criteria to narrow your possibilities. You can join chat rooms or use private messaging to meet others and find a money pig.



Seeking started as a place for wealthy adults to meet beautiful young women for sugar dating. It quickly expanded to include a second group of money pigs and findoms due to its robust features that allow for mutually beneficial financial arrangementsIt is one of the biggest websites in the world, catering to the best money pigs websites of all levels. These websites seek money lovers who want to dominate and need money for various reasons.

You can easily find beautiful dommes by narrowing your search by expected allowance amount, desired exchange, such as vacations or mentorship support, preferred relationship growth, and more.



IWantClips stands out among the finest money pigs websites, appealing to newbies and long-time fans. It is more than just a platform; it’s a place where emotion and power play well together. The user-friendly layout of IWantClips makes it easy for users to understand the basics of financial dominance without any hassle.

In this money pig website, dreams come true, and relationships are constructed on mutual respect and comprehension between two individuals. If you are trying to find a money pig marketplace experience that prioritizes actual, person-to-person interactions, check out IWantClips.

11 is well-known for its vibrant community of beautiful findommes and loyal money pigs. Because the platform is token-based, users can buy tokens on the site and give them to their mistresses as gifts or tributes. In addition, users can exchange their tokens for cash, with a tiny commission going to the site.

One exciting thing about is that it offers three different ways to pay: a one-time gift/tribute, a recurring fee collected every time the paypig is paid, and finally, 10% of the paypig’s profits.

However, this second choice is more challenging to execute and requires the findomme and the money pig to trust each other. Try this website to develop that kind of connection with someone.



ManyVids has attracted the internet world, which is primarily considered among the best money pigs websites catering to a specific market. People who participate in financial dominance are called money pigs.

Producers on ManyVids can interact with their audience on a deeper level by offering exclusive material and experiences. With its user-friendly design and numerous content providers, the site is perfect for anyone exploring this distinct aspect of internet connection.


What's Your Price

What’s Your Price is a unique money pig website that allows men to pay women for going on dates. The platform recognizes that women spend a lot of time and energy preparing for these events, including buying makeup, choosing fashionable clothes, and spending money on their hair, nails, and fitness.

It allows beautiful ladies to get paid for their hard work. Money pigs find satisfaction in giving up control to a gorgeous lady and adding to her charm. This site is perfect for wealthy men who are looking for a submissive woman to shower with presents and money. Findoms can set any price at What’s Your Price to get their money pigs.



Most people join OnlyFans to investigate and enjoy the mind-blowing information available for users aged 18 and older. A subscription or premium price is required to access everything on the site, including stunning photographs and engaging movies.

After you sign up for OnlyFans, you’ll get access to all the naughtiest videos and pictures. This network is perfect for findom models wanting to find a money pig. Clients will start private conversations a few days after you indicate your interest in your profile.



FanCentro’s unique design makes it an excellent option among the top money pigs websites. Content creators, especially dominatrixes, can connect with supportive followers and share their world on this platform. With articles, videos, and more all in one place, the site does a great job of combining exclusivity with accessibility.

Within this area, financial dominance models can successfully build their stories, attracting money pigs into their web. For sensitive people, FanCentro is more than just a website; it is a community, a platform, and a universe where financial dreams come true.


When searching for the finest money pigs websites, entering the world of unexpected partnerships and financial dynamics is fascinating. In addition to satisfying personal preferences and a lack of power, they offer a wide range of unique adventure opportunities.

Now is the time to investigate the world of money pigs websites if you want to find a money pig to satisfy your financial needs and desires. Here is a list of the best places to meet submissive guys who are ready to spend all their money. Look at these top money pigs websites, and you will find the person who’s the best match for you.

Best Money Pigs Websites UK

Private Sugar Club
Secret Benefits

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