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Write for Us + Adult is the best way to communicate your sexual experiences or new ideas with people who are just starting out or those that haven’t been in a relationship yet. You can read our sexual and interesting blog for some great tips.

We need you to write for us + adult. This will allow you to reach out and read new articles or blogs that can help you learn new things about the adult category.

By sending us an article, you can share with others your stories or thoughts. You just need to open our website and find out our mail id: sugardaddywebsites.uk@gmail.com

It is also important to us that we find new and fresh articles or stories which can improve the reading experience. 

The goal is to post 10+ adult related articles per week. The same author should not submit more than one article in a week. As we only have limited editing and publication resources, please do not expect us to respond on non-working days. Because we get many submissions, we cannot provide feedback to anyone.

Sugar Daddy Websites Team

Share Your Articles On Write For Us + Adult – Handful Tips

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What are we looking for:

  • New Perspectives: Create your own view on new adult, trends and innovations.
  • Practical Advice: Tips for actionable use and techniques that readers could apply to their adult projects.
  • Deep Analysis: Dig deep into topics in order to simplify them to our readers.
  • Engaging Writing: Create captivating, informative and engaging content that will keep visitors coming back.

The Requirements to Publish Adult Related Content on This Site

  1. We accept at least 2000 content words, (Must add Meta title and description).
  2. Article should be written on well researched keywords and SEO optimized.
  3. Maximum 2 links will be provided to your website. Make sure you are adding links to quality and secured websites.
  4. You can add multiple links to sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, etc.
  5. AI, Grammatical Error and Plagiarisms content will not be accepted.
  6. Don’t write wrong information, articles must contain valuable, ordinal and existing information.
  7. We receive 500+ emails daily, and due to limited resources, it’s quite hard to follow up or reply multiple times to the same email. Every content rejected by us will be forwarded to our publishing partners. They can/will publish your content anywhere. But in this case, added links will not be removed.
  8. We assume that you have accepted our above terms and are only sending us content. (Please don’t waste our time in messages, we don’t have enough time to explain everything briefly)

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